Deep Time: Our latest project exploring the combination of AI with crowd intelligence

May 3, 2021

ArchAI's latest project explores how crowd intelligence can help train the AI, explore large areas and create social impact. The project is led by Dig Ventures and funded by Nesta’s Collective Intelligence Grants programme, to explore how the collaborative power of Crowd Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence can be used to identify archaeology – and involve local people in the process.

Deep Time will explore the identification of archaeology at a massive scale, using LiDAR data and crowd intelligence to examine landscapes for archaeological features. The crowd will help us train the AI to ‘see’ archaeology, and in turn we’ll feed back cleaned-up data to help the AI learn. In some cases, we’ll head out into the field for a closer look at unknown features.

Local people often feel excluded from planning decisions which deeply impact their lives. This revolutionary platform will position local people as stakeholders in the planning process whilst also de-risking development.

The project is in partnership with the Discover Brightwater Landscape and will be tested across a study area which encompasses 200km2 of lowland County Durham and Darlington. This area presents the perfect mix of varied landscape types, plus a very engaged group of diverse local stakeholders. The project will be developing over the summer 2021, and we’ll be looking for participants from the region and beyond to help us test our experiment.

If you’d like to help us build the world’s first CI/AI for archaeology, please sign up to the Dig Ventures mailing list – and stay tuned!

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